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Young Adults Ministry

Overview of GBC Young Adults Ministry

University students and NSmen (Young Adults) are a growing part of  the Grace Baptist Church family ever since the ministry began in 2009. Since January 2011, the Young Adult Ministry team has been pursuing:



To make disciples who follow Jesus in joy for the glory of God



A community where individuals are moving through the cycle of Christian maturity

As a ministry, we get together 3 times a month for:

  • small group discipleship sessions in the first week where we study the Bible in depth and share our lives together, 
  • a large group gathering in the second week where we come to sing, share, pray and hear God's Word taught before we think hard about application,
  • doing life together in the third week, or serving others in the church and community. For example, in 2016 we had a board games evening, celebrated Chinese New Year with older members of the church, went for a Project Timothy Bible conference, ran a blood donation drive, organized an evangelistic talk by an NUS professor and a film screening at Vivocity, planned games for the December Youth Camp, etc... 

Other than that, our ministry also:

  • organizes an annual Young Adults Retreat designed to strengthen discipleship
  • provides discipleship training for Bible study leading and other essential skills
  • recommends and distributes books and resources to support Young Adults who want to grow in their Christian walk

How do I get involved in the Young Adults Ministry?

Every Christian is called first and foremost to turning away from their sins and putting their faith in Jesus Christ. After that, we are born again to become a part of His family - the church. In the church then, we are called to love one another and help one another grow. We do this best through our discipling small groups and at our big group activities. If youre interested in being discipled, or attending a big group session, we'd love to have you!

If you would like to find out more about the Young Adults Ministry in our church, please contact Nehemiah.