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Ministry Traineeship

God has entrusted the local church with the primary responsibility of training believers for the work of the gospel. Pastors are called to equip the saints for ministry, for building up the body of Christ towards Christlike maturity (Ephesians 4:12-13). The church is to steward the gospel well, by ensuring that it is faithfully passed on to others (2 Timothy 2:2). Together, as the people of God, we are responsible for affirming men and women for vocational ministry, setting them apart for the work of the gospel (Acts 13:2). 

What is the Ministry Traineeship? 

The GBC Internship is now known as the Ministry Traineeship. It is a key part of our efforts to develop men and women for local church ministry and missions. Its main objectives are: 

  To help a trainee develop a biblical-theological vision and practice of ministry. 

  To provide a trainee with the opportunity to gain practical ministry experience in a local church, under the direct supervision and care of GBC’s pastors-elders. 

  To further clarify a trainee's potential call to full-time, vocational ministry. 

The traineeship is ten months long, running from July to the following May.

Hear what our past trainees have to say about the traineeship: 

What does a trainee do? 

The content of the traineeship can be divided into these main components: 

•  Personal reading, reflection and writing: Trainees will read a number of books and write response papers throughout the duration of the traineeship. 

•  Group study and discussions: Trainees will meet as a group weekly with at least one of the pastors to discuss their papers. They will also participate in a Bible study with one another. 

•  Ministry: Trainees are expected to be actively involved in the life and ministries of the church. Each trainee is also encouraged to meet with other church members for personal discipleship. 

•  Meetings: Trainees will be involved in pastoral staff meetings. They will also schedule meetings with each elder and deacon, as well as with a variety of church members and care groups. These meetings enable the trainees to learn about various aspects of the church’s life. 

•  Online learning: Trainees may take online courses with the Simeon Trust. 

A typical workweek for a trainee involves participating in various aspects of these components, as well as attending the public gatherings of the church (eg. Sunday service, care group meetings, prayer meeting, etc.). 

The books covered during the traineeship include:

  1. Taking God at His Word (Kevin De Young)
  2. God’s Big Picture (Vaughan Roberts)
  3. Dig Deeper (Nigel Beynon & Andrew Sach)
  4. Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church (Michael Lawrence)
  5. Cutting to the Heart (Chris Green)
  6. The Whole Christ (Sinclair Ferguson)
  7. The Christian Life (Sinclair Ferguson)
  8. The Gospel (Ray Ortlund)
  9. The Church (Mark Dever)
  10. Biblical Foundations for Baptist Churches (John Hammett)
  11. Centre Church (Timothy Keller)
  12. Nine Marks of a Healthy Church, 4th edition (Mark Dever)
  13. How to Build a Healthy Church (Mark Dever & Paul Alexander)
  14. The Compelling Community (Jamie Dunlop & Mark Dever)
  15. Understanding Church Leadership (Mark Dever)
  16. Church Elders (Jeramie Rinne)
  17. Corporate Worship (Matt Merker)
  18. Evangelism (Mack Stiles)
  19. The Trellis and the Vine (Colin Marshall & Tony Payne)
  20. Missions (Andy Johnson)
  21. The Pastor’s Justification (Jared Wilson)
  22. How People Change (Timothy Lane & Paul Tripp)
  23. Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands (Paul Tripp)
Who is it for? 

The traineeship is for Christians, both men and women, who are exploring the possibility of entering full-time, vocational ministry. It can help a person better discern God’s call on his or her life. Becoming a trainee does not necessarily commit a person to subsequent full-time, vocational ministry. It is part of the process of evaluating one’s suitability for such gospel work. 

The traineeship is open to members of GBC and to those who are able to become members, at least for the duration of their traineeship.  

After the traineeship, some trainees go on to formal theological education. Some may join GBC’s staff in various roles, depending on the needs of the church. Some may pursue a calling to cross-cultural missions. Some may decide to return to the marketplace and resume their ministry there. Some return to their sending churches to receive guidance from their local church leaders, concerning ministry needs and areas of service in their respective contexts.

How do I apply? 

Fill up the application form here: http://gracebaptistchurch.sg/traineeship.

* Please submit two recommendation letters along with this application form. One of these letters must be from a pastor who knows you well. These letters should speak to your character, experience, and skills, and should discuss both strengths and weaknesses. Please ask your references to state how long and in what relational capacity they have known you. If you are married, the letter from the pastor should also describe your marriage and speak to its suitability for ministry. These letters should be confidential and sent directly by your references to Eugene Low, lead teaching pastor, Grace Baptist Church (email: eugenelow@gracebaptistchurch.sg.).