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Goals of the Ministry

We seek to encourage our church to love and serve our neighbours and to make friends. This is so that we can tell our friends about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through these platforms for service, we can help meet the practical needs of our neighbours, get to know them and to build friendships. In the course of these building these relationships, we pray for opportunities to tell our friends about our best friend Jesus Christ and his good news. This good news that Jesus came to seek and save the lost and to die for his friends. 

Areas of service

We have two main areas of focus that we are looking for members' help and participation: 

1. Gladiolus Place

We partner with the Girls’ home just across from us in various areas. In 2024, we hope to provide home-cooked dinners monthly. We are looking for volunteer teams to provide the meals and also need befrienders to build relationships for gospel opportunities. If you’re interested, please email Felice Wong (felicewst13@gmail.com) or Pastor Ollie at (oliverchia@gracebaptistchurch.sg).

You can read more about our efforts to serve and love Gladiolus Place in this article here

2. Outreach to the neighbourhood 

We have been visiting our neighbours and inviting them to join us for various events and church services. For more information about how you can help, please email Pastor Oliver at oliverchia@gracebaptistchurch.sg