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Women of Grace

Women of Grace seeks to build life-giving relationships in the body among the women of GBC. Whether you are young or old, the Lord uses our unique experiences to weave the gospel into the lives of other women and play a part in their life stories.

We believe that discipleship happens best in and through relationships. Within GBC several of our groups are specific to women and are places in which we cultivate a relationship with God and others. It is within these communities that women build personal relationships and practise applying the gospel to our lives. Group members also serve together throughout the community and beyond, putting faith and compassion into action.

Small Groups
These groups are open to anyone who desires a deeper understanding of biblical truths as well as those interested in exploring Christianity more in depth. We hope you will consider joining one of our small groups which include:

1. Mum's Connect l Alternate Fridays l 9.30–11am (currently via Zoom)

Mum's Connect allows mothers to connect with each other and Jesus by spending time focusing on their personal journey with God through prayer and spiritually meaningful conversations. We are currently reading None Like Him by Jen Wilkins together. This book is about the majesty of God and reveals how our world has humanised God and deified man. The author, Jen Wilkins, will guide us to contemplate His attributes and humbly acknowledge our own limits. We pray our study will bring hope and strength as we humbly walk alongside one another and bring the truths of who our God is to bear on our day to day understanding of life and how we relate to our Heavenly Father. Below is the schedule:


Read Emily Seck's reflection on how reading with the Mum's Connect group has helped her see God’s purpose for her in motherhood. 

2. A Verse a Study (AVAS) l 1st and 3rd Wednesdays  l 9.30–11.30am

For the senior ladies (more affectionately known as Golden Girls) of our church, the group meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month. The class is currently in recess due to Covid-19. Contact Miauw Suang for more information. 

3. Ladies Wednesday Night Bible Study l Every Wednesday l 7.30–9pm

The study is currently conducted online. The night typically starts with a teaching session at 730pm followed by the study from 8-9pm. So, come join us as we open the Word of God together, and gain insights for living out our Christian life together. If you are keen or wish to find out more, please  email Jena or message her at 97988630. 

4. Friday Ladies Group l Every Friday l 10am–12noon

The group is currently studying God's Word online. It is open to all ladies of any age group. Join us in the study of God's Word and building relationships around His Word. It is also a platform to get to know other ladies in church and to help each other grow in holiness and Christlikeness together. If you have questions or wish to find out more, please email Jena or message her at 97988630.

5. Saturday Precept Bible Study l Every Saturday l 3.30–5.30pm

Open to women of all ages. The class is conducted online given the current situation. The group is currently doing the book of Isaiah. Come join us to discover Truth for yourself and be established in God’s Word. Contact Esther (Tel: 90747025) or Yoke Meng (Tel: 97301670)  for more information.


Serving the Community

Gladiolus Place

[Due to Covid-19, the activities have been put on hold.] We partner with the Girls’ home just across from us in various areas. We provide home-cooked dinners and interact with the girls once a month on the last Tuesday evenings of the month. We also organise monthly Sunday lunches for small groups of girls, to be hosted by families and small groups from GBC. And we also host the girls twice a year for a full day of activities and interactions at GBC. If you are interested in serving in this area, please contact Grace (Tuesday dinners) at glsy95@gmail.com, Yuh Jane (Sunday Lunches) at chenyj1010@gmail.com, or Pastor Ollie at oliverchia@gracebaptistchurch.sg.


For more information on what Women of Grace do or what is coming up, please email Jena or message her at 97988630.