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“Rejoice the Lord is King”

November 28, 2021 Speaker: Joshua Lowe Series: The King & His People

Passage: Psalm 47–47

“Rejoice the Lord is King”

Psalm 47



Exalted: Praise God, the exalted King who reigns over everything (Psalm 47: 2,7-9)






Elects: Praise God, who elects to love His people (Psalm 47: 3-4)





Expressions: Praise God, with outward expressions of inward joy (Psalm 47: 1,5-7)





Reflection Questions:
1. In what ways have I been praising God for being the exalted King over all the earth? If I have not been praising God, what are the reasons why?
2. How can I reflect on King Jesus’s love for me and rejoice?
3. What are ways I can sing praises to God in the coming week?