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“Living and Suffering as a Christian”

October 10, 2021 Speaker: Oliver Chia Series: Hope

Passage: 1 Peter 4:1–4:19

Living and Suffering as a Christian

1 Peter 4:1-19



Arm ourselves to suffer as Christ did (vv.1-6)





We live in the light of the end (vv.7-11)





We suffer joyfully according to God’s Will (vv.12-19)





“The reference to God’s will here, as in 1 Peter 3:17, indicates that all suffering passes through [God’s] hands (cf. 3:17), that nothing strikes a believer apart from God’s loving and sovereign control.” – Thomas R. Schreiner.


“We do not choose suffering simply because we are told to, but because the one who tells us to describes it as the path to everlasting joy.” – John Piper.


Reflection question:

  1. What is my attitude towards suffering? How are believers to face suffering?
  2. How are believers to live in the light of the end of all things?
  3. How have I been glorifying God in the way I have been living or suffering?

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