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“God Saves Through Judgement”

July 25, 2021 Speaker: Eugene Low Series: Foundations

Passage: Genesis 6:9–8:19

God Saves Through Judgement

Genesis 6:9-8:19



 1. God judges: from creation to un-creation (6:9-7:24)




Be warned, judgment is coming (6:9-13)




Prepare for the coming judgment (6:14-7:9)




Judgment comes (7:10-24)




2. God saves: from un-creation to new creation (8:1-19)




God saves by keeping His word (8:1a)




God saves by establishing a new creation (8:1b-19)





Reflect & Respond
1.    How am I living now in light of the coming judgment?
2.    How am I in need of God’s mercies? How am I turning to Jesus for help?
3.    Give thanks and praise for how Christ has made me a new creation.