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“How Lovely is God's Anointed king”

June 6, 2021 Speaker: Jonathan Tan Series: The King & His People

Passage: Psalm 45–45

How lovely is God's Anointed King

Psalm 45



Admire God’s anointed King (v1-9)






Delight in God’s affectionate King (v10-15)






See God bless His King (v16-17)






Reflection Questions:
1. How have you been distracted from the beauty of King Jesus lately? What attributes  of the King draws you to admire Him afresh? 

2. What does it mean for you today to leave behind old allegiances and bow before King Jesus? How might we as the church help each other delight in Him?

3. How can we joyfully pass on our faith and participate in the King’s blessing?

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