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“When Faith and Reality Do Not Line Up”

May 30, 2021 Speaker: Yanadi Series: The King & His People

Passage: Psalm 44–44

“When Faith and Reality Do Not Line Up”

Psalm 44



  1. The Faithful Trust in God’s Deliverance (vv. 1-8)





  1. Yet The Faithful Suffer (vv. 9-22)





  1. The Faithful Continue to Cry out to God (vv. 23-26)






Reflection Questions

1. Where do I go when things do not go according to my expectations? What does that reveal about whom I trust?

2. How can confidence in the sovereignty of God look like in my life as a disciple of Jesus? What kind of responses should I pursue in this difficult season of life?

3. How can I contribute to help our church become a community where “the strong” help and “the weak” get helped? How can we genuinely sing this Psalm 44 together?



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