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“Christ, Raised to Life”

April 11, 2021 Speaker: Oliver Chia Series: Radical Dependence

Passage: Luke 24:13–24:35

“Christ, Raised to Life”

Luke 24:13-35



We are confronted and confused (vv. 13-16)





Jesus is the Christ as promised in the Scriptures (vv. 17-27)





We fellowship with Jesus (vv. 28-32)





We share in the gathered community (vv. 33-35)





Christ was the substance of every Old Testament sacrifice, ordained in the law of Moses. Christ was the true Deliverer and King, of whom all the judges and deliverers in Jewish history were types. Christ was the coming Prophet greater than Moses, whose glorious advent filled the pages of prophets. Christ was the true seed of the woman who was to bruise the serpent’s head, —the true seed in whom all nations were to be blessed, —the true Shiloh to whom the people were to be gathered, —the true scapegoat, —the true brazen serpent, —the true Lamb to which every daily offering pointed, —the true High Priest of whom every descendant of Aaron was a figure.” - J.C. Ryle


Reflection Questions:

  1. How should this passage influence the way we read the Bible?
  2. How have we been growing our fellowship with Jesus Christ?
  3. In what ways does Jesus’ resurrection strengthen our faith and deepen our trust?


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