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“The King on Trial”

March 28, 2021 Speaker: Eugene Low Series: Radical Dependence

Passage: Luke 22:66–23:25

“The King on Trial”

Luke 22:66-23:25



  1. The King is falsely accused (22:66-23:12)






  1. The King is condemned to die (23:13-25)






  1. The King fulfills God's salvation plan 







Reflect & Respond:
1. How might I resemble the Jewish leaders, Pilate or Herod in their responses to Jesus? How is God calling me to return to Him?
2. Knowing that the righteous King has died for the unrighteous, how will I respond to Him with faith and gratitude?
3. How am I longing for justice in an unjust world? How am I looking to Jesus for hope and assurance?


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