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“Keep Calm and Carry On”

March 7, 2021 Speaker: Eugene Low Series: Radical Dependence

Passage: Luke 21:5–21:38

“Keep Calm and Carry On”

Luke 21:5-38



 1. How should we live when our world falls apart? (vv. 5-24)

 a. Don't be complacent (vv. 5-6)





 b. Don't be misled by falsehoods or fear (vv. 7-11)





 c. Faithfully endure suffering (vv. 12-19)





 d. Trust in God's plan (vv. 20-24)





 2. How should we live in the light of the end? (vv. 25-36)

 a. Have hope (vv. 25-28)





 b. Be certain of Jesus' words (vv. 29-33)





 c. Watch and pray (vv. 34-36)





Reflect & respond:
1. What am I afraid of? How do Jesus’ words help turn me from fear to faith?
2. In what ways am I discouraged or distracted from following Jesus? How will I renew my hope in Him?
3. How am I trusting in Christ alone in order to finish well?

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