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“Serving the Lord Who Was Raised”

February 28, 2021 Speaker: Oliver Chia Series: Radical Dependence

Passage: Luke 20:27–21:4

Serving the Lord Who Was Raised

Luke 20:27-21:4



We will be raised together with Jesus, by the living God (Luke 20:27-40)






We will submit to Jesus Christ, Son of David and David’s Lord (Luke 20:41-44) 






We will serve Jesus Christ wholeheartedly without putting on a show (Luke 20:45-21:4)






“The question is not, ‘How large is my gift going to be to God’s kingdom work? The real question is, ‘How large a place will God have in my life?” - Missionary Paul Kooistra


Reflection Questions:

  1. How am I living right now as accountable to God, who will raise us from the dead?
  2. If Jesus, our saviour, is Lord, what areas do I have to submit to His Lordship?
  3. What is my heart-attitude as I serve Jesus, Son of David, whom God raised from the dead?


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