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“Living by Faith (Part 4)”

January 31, 2021 Speaker: Oliver Chia Series: Radical Dependence

Passage: Luke 18:31–18:43

“Living by Faith (Part 4)”

Luke 18:31-43



“The story of the blind man by the side of the road is a call to persistent, personal, productive faith in Jesus Christ. One day soon everyone who has this faith will see Jesus. The Son of David has gone ahead of us into glory, where he has promised that we will see Him face to face.” - Philip Graham Ryken


Self-imposed expectations hinder understanding (vv. 31-34)







Believing is seeing (vv. 35-43)







Reflection Question:

  1. Do I have any self-made, self-imposed expectations that hinder me from living a life of faith in Jesus?
  2. Have we as a church placed self-made expectations on others and therefore hinder them from coming to Christ?
  3. Is there any area of my life that I have to trust Jesus and plead mercy?

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