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“Living by Faith (Part 2)”

January 17, 2021 Speaker: Eugene Low Series: Radical Dependence

Passage: Luke 17:20–18:8

Living by Faith (Part 2)

Luke 17:20 - 18:8



  1. Living by faith means believing in the King who has come (17:20-21)






  1. Living by faith means living in light of the King's return (vv. 22-37)






  1. Living by faith means persistently praying for the King's return (18:1-8)






“Christians are committed to ‘the eternal city’. But it is not Rome. Our commitment is to Jesus Christ and his church. There are always two kingdoms, two cities, and two kings. But only the city of God and of King Jesus will last forever.” -- Augustine


Reflect & Respond:
1. What or whose kingdom are we seeking, hoping and living for?
2. How does Jesus’ future return make a difference to how I live today? Do I realise that I live on the edge of eternity?
3. How am I praying for God to establish His kingdom in and through me? How am I praying for King Jesus to return?

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