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“A Son Is Given”

December 6, 2020 Speaker: Caleb Yap Series: A Son is Given

Topic: Advent Passage: Isaiah 7:10–7:14

“A Son Is Given”

Isaiah 7:10-14

 (A)The king who wearied God (v10-13 c.f. 7:1-9)






 (B) The God who gave a gracious sign (v14)






 (C) The people who wait for the Son







  1. Am I like king Ahaz who refused to make God His refuge and trust? How am I wearying Him in the way I am living? 
  2. In what situations in my life am I most in need of Immanuel, the Son given for me?
  3. Who around me has God been preparing to hear about Jesus this Christmas? 

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