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Fruit and Foundation

March 29, 2020 Speaker: Oliver Chia Series: Radical Dependence

Passage: Luke 6:37–6:49

“Fruit and Foundations”

Luke 6:37-49




Loving others: by not being judgmental (vv. 37-42)






Bearing good fruit: by being changed from the heart (vv. 43-45)






Building a deep foundation: by hearing and doing what Jesus says (vv. 46-49)






Reflection Questions:

(Questions adapted from McKinley, 2016)

  1. Do you tend to be quick to judge others, or do you tend to avoid helping them see their sin at all? What changes do you have to make so that you can love others better?
  2. How might you be at risk of “fruit-stapling”? What would a changed-heart look like for you?
  3. How might you be at risk of just hearing and not doing? What would hearing and doing what Jesus says look like for you? 

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