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Not Ashamed of the Gospel : Go It "Together"

June 25, 2017 Speaker: Series: Not Ashamed of the Gospel

Passage: Acts 9:19–9:31

Go it “Together”

Acts 9:19b-31



Picture of a Life Transformed






Conversion on the Road to Damascus






Damascus: Proclamation, Amazement, Conspiracy and Escape (vv. 19b-25)



  • New ____________ with the disciples (v. 19b)




  • New ____________ (vv. 20-21)




  • __________ to the gospel (vv. 22-25)





Jerusalem: Suspicion, Preaching, Conspiracy and Escape (vv. 26-30)



  • New ____________ in the church (vv. 26-27)




  • New __________ in proclaiming Jesus Christ (vv. 28-29a)




  • Opposition to the gospel ________ (vv. 29b-30)




In Summary (v. 31)






What is our Response?



  • Do we see our conversion as our _______________ to be servants of the gospel?




  • Do we seek out Christian ____________ in the local church?




  • Do we as church welcome new converts __________ from us?





For Christ identifies closely with us…





“True conversion always issues in church membership. It is not only that converts must join the Christian community, but that the Christian community must welcome converts, especially those from a different religious, ethic or social background. There is an urgent need for modern Ananiases and Barnabases who overcome their scruples and hesitations, and take the initiative to befriend newcomers.”  – John Stott

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