Not Ashamed of the gospel: The Greater Show on Earth

  • Date: Sunday, June 4, 2017
  • Speaker: Rev (Dr) Ian Buntain
  • Scripture: Acts 8:9–8:25

Not Ashamed of the gospel: The Greater Show on Earth

(Acts 8:9-25)


  1. the Background (Acts 8:9-13)a. Understanding the Magi…



        b. In Simon, the greatest p________________ in Samaria meets the greatest                P_______________ in the universe.



        c. Simon proves that b______________ cannot save!



  1. the Transformation (Acts 8:14-19)—

        a. B______________ is passed through the laying on of hands.



        b. Simon sought to purchase the p____________ not the b________________.



   3. the Consequence (Acts 8:20-24)—


Bread attracts M_______________... but it does not transform them.



Application:  Why does this story matter?



 I can make a decision for Christ, but only Christ can t_________________.  



When we come for anything else but Him, we become a shallow, impotent, performance-based, religious version of what we were before we met him…



When we come for everything else He gives, we won’t have Christ.



But when we come for Christ, we have everything else He gives!