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“Not Ashamed of the Gospel : Jesus Returns!”

January 29, 2017 Speaker: Series: Not Ashamed of the Gospel

Passage: Acts 2:1–2:41

“Not Ashamed of the Gospel : Jesus Returns!”
Acts 2:1-41

We Need Help in Interpreting Pictures!


The Promise is Fulfilled! (vv. 1-13)


The promise _________________ (Acts 1:4-5, 8)


The promise ____________________ (vv. 1-13; 2:33)


• The reversal of Babel: the gospel to the _____________________________


It is All about Jesus! (vv. 14-36)


What on earth is happening? (vv. 14-21)


Jesus is God’s ____________________ (vv. 22-36)


Jesus: __________________ and ______________________ (v. 36)


What is your response? (vv. 37-41)


The gospel is for ____________________


• No one is so far off that God cannot redeem


Repent and ___________________


• “Everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved”

• Daily ______________________ repentance




“There is a sense of urgency here. We are living in the last days, and the next great redemptive event is the second coming, the date of which is unknown to us. The need to be right with God is pressing. It is the most burning issue we can face.” – Derek Thomas



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