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Bringing Joy to God the Father

December 20, 2015

Passage: Luke 15:1–15:32

Bringing Joy to God the Father

Luke 15 : 1-32






Preciousness of the lost, vs. 3-7:

The sheep




The shepherd,





Thoroughness of the search, vs. 8-10:

The coin




The concerned





Lavishness of the Father’s love, vs. 11-32:

The rebel, vs. 11-16




The repentant, vs. 17-19




The rejoicing, vs. 20-32





The point:

“The evidence that we know God is not so much our ability to define the divine attributes, as it is our response to people. Right knowledge of God is present when we imitate our Father’s response.”
- Dr. Gary Inrig


The conclusion: