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You Can Be A Marketplace Witness

December 7, 2014 Series: Acts

Passage: Acts 17:16–17:34


  • Sharing the gospel was not easy in the past, not present, and probably will get more difficult in the future...
  • How will people find God if they are already satisfied in the 'gods' they have found in their cars, houses, etc.
  • How do we share the gospel in an environment where people are entitled to their own beliefs?

Key Question for us: How can we be a faithful witness of Jesus Christ in our marketplace? Let us look at Acts 17:16-34

Characteristics of a Marketplace Witness

1. Grieved by idolatry (vv. 16-17)
Athens was the literary capital of the ancient world. The people were engrossed in discussing the latest ideas. Spirituality was individual and Athens was full of idols and gods.
Jesus did not come to condemn but to save the condemned.

2. Rooted in Christ (v18)
Both schools rejected religious sacrifice. Epicureans believes gods were distant and far away and were uncaring. Stoics believed gods and the world were one.

3. Affirms God's Involvement in Humanity (vv. 19-29)
How would you start a conversation to those who don't believe in God? Paul tells them that he is not trying to introduce a god that hasn't been involved in their lives.God is already at work in people's lives. They just need to hear the gospel to understand.

4. Calls for repentance (vv. 30-31)
As heralds of the gospel of Christ, we should call sin as what it is. We shouldn't stop telling people to turn from the idols that are destroying their lives, to God. We must be humble when sharing the good news and trust in God to work in others.

5. Example to follow (vv. 32-34)
There will be a group that will mock Christ, another who will not be sure how to react, and a group that will listen and want to find out more or to join. The gospel is abt living it before speaking abt it. People are looking for people who are changed in God. People's desires to know the God we know will be sparked by our actions rather than our words.

God places us in different circles of influence or interaction or even a "one-off" event. Just as God was the one who called Paul to respond to go to Macedonia, and Paul eventually landed in Athens. God calls you and places you in different modern day "Mars Hills".


  • Pray and ask God for specific individuals that you can reach out too. Write their names down and pray for boldness to share with them.
  • Invite them to attend some of the upcoming evangelistic sessions that we are organising, e.g. talks and Christmas service.
  • Volunteer to distribute flyers in our neighbourhood to invite our neighbours as GBC considers how we can love the community that we are in.