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Digging Deeper: The Curious Case of Jesus And The Paralyzed Man

September 21, 2014

Topic: Special Service Passage: Mark 2:1–2:12

Today's passage, Mark 2:1-12 can be read with these 3 questions in mind: 

  • What is our real problem?
  • What power does Jesus have?
  • And what has Jesus come to do?

Real Problem Exposed (v. 1-5)

  • Jesus' returned to his home in Galilee. The crowd came to see him and filled up his house. Despite the crowded venue, a paralysed man was brought to Jesus through the persistence of his friends, who resorted to lowering him down from the roof.
  • Verse 5 tells us that Jesus saw their faith, and instead of healing the man (which was what he came for), Jesus pronounces a forgiveness of the man's sins! 
  • What is this sin that Jesus forgives? Sin is more than just doing the wrong things. Sin is ignoring God in the world and living without reference to Him. Sin is living in God's world, without God. 
  • In these verses, we realise that Jesus knows something that the men did not. Jesus goes to the real root of the problem of the paralysed man: not his physical health but his sins. Jesus looked deeper and beyond the problem of the surface, and saw the man's real problems. 
  • How does sin affect us even today? We are discontent not because we don't get what we want, but because we want the wrong things.

Real Power Revealed (v. 6-12)

  • When Jesus pronounced forgiveness, the scribes were upset. The scribes regard this as blasphemy as only God can forgive sins.
  • Jesus confronts them with a question of his own -- Jesus asks the people which is easier, to forgive the paralysed man's sins or to heal him.
  • Jesus healed the paralysed man as proof of His power. It also brings to mind the Old Testament prophecy about how God would one day heal the broken and forgive sins. 

In writing this account, Mark was also helping us readers to see that our real problem is sin and that Jesus has the power to forgive sins.

So Now What?

  • Turn to Jesus and trust in Him for the forgiveness of your sins.
  • Turn to Jesus alone as your only saviour.
  • And on this special service for baby dedication, for the parents in our congregation, turn to Jesus as the one who can meet your child's real and true need.