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Witnessing As Your Way Of Life

September 14, 2014 Series: Acts

Passage: Acts 3:1–3:26


  • Life as we know it, is a standard routine
  • We are all conditioned to have a set routine, it brings order and control to us
  • Today's study looks at the scene right after Pentecost. Scope of witnessing for the disciples was boundless.

1. God turns your routines into His divine encounters (v.1-13)

  • Going to the temple was a regular routine for the Jews (Peter and John). The lame beggar was always on his regular routine, begging at the temple.
  • Peter and John encountered this lame beggar. Was Peter and John being sarcastic in their reply, since they did not have neither silver nor gold? No! In fact, they had something more precious than mere silver or gold. 
  • The beggar expected alms to tide him through another day. Instead, he was shown mercy for life, as Peter and John healed him in the name of Jesus.
  • Here was a miracle done after Pentecost. Realise that the miracles in Acts were done in the name of Jesus Christ, to illustrate his saving power and ultimately for His glory. 
  • The beggar's physical plight was a symbol of his spiritual neediness. Peter and John were able to look beyond his physical and temporal needs, and provided him with something greater.
  • In the same way, we are like the beggar, often coming to God with what we think we need. Instead, He sees what we truly need, and gives us that which truly satisfies -- ultimately, Himself. 
  • What can we learn from here, to help our interactions with others? God never asks us to give what we don't have and only asks us to give what he has given is first. The best we can do for those around us is to bring them to Jesus. 

2. God seeks your response to His divine invitation (v.14-23)

The Jews saw the miraculous healing, and were amazed. This gave Peter a chance to share boldly about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

  • The crowd had rejected Jesus Christ and the very agent of life is the one the Jews killed. Notice how plainly pointed out their responsibiliy in bringing Jesus to the cross, but that was not the end of his speech.
  • Peter also called the peopel to repent, to turn their hearts away from their old direction and to turn it towards God. 

3. God keeps His redemption promise according to His divine covenant (v.24-26)

  • The closing verses of this chapter reminds us too that through Christ, we are also able to turn away from wickedness and break free from the power of sin. Also through the covenant, we become heirs of Christ. 

God intervened and presented a divine appointment for Peter and John and the unarmed crippled beggar to experience the power and presence of Jesus. What about us this week, as we go back into our routines?