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A Community in Christ

May 18, 2014 Series: Acts

Passage: Acts 1:12–1:26


  • Jesus told them that the Holy Spirit will empower them for this work (Acts 1:8).
  • The disciples are to wait in Jerusalem (Acts 1:12). God alone determines the exact time -- it is never too early nor too late.

The Church responds to Jesus' command to wait for the Spirit's Arrival (v. 12-14)

  • For these Christians, prayer was ongoing. To wait was to pray and to pray was to wait. It is not a passive wait for time to pass until the promise comes. It is a living hold of what is promised, onto the future
  • They were also described to be "in one mind" -- signifying a unity in Christ. Elsewhere, Paul reminds us that believers are united because we are the body of Christ (Eph 4:4-6)


The Church reviews scripture as they wait for the Spirit's Arrival (v.15-20)

  • As they waited, they found a replacement for Judas, who had left them (Matt 19:28, Luke 22:28-30).
  • They also continued to study and review Scriptures. 


The Church restores the Apostolic Structure as they wait for the Spirit's Arrival (v. 21-26)

  • Who are apostles? The Bible makes it clear that it refers to those that have Christ, and received first hand encounter and teaching from Him. 
  • Notice the process of choosing the replacement apostle -- through prayer and the casting of lots. Why lots? They believed that the outcome of the lot belonged to God (c.f. Prov 16:33). 


  • A community in Christ is united in Christ -- "Being before Doing; Belonging before Becoming"
  • A community in Christ is anchored in scripture -- "The Word of God and the Rule of God cannot be separated" (Dallas Willard) 


  • Be Christ's community, united in Christ -- What practical steps can we take on Sunday and the rest of the week? 
  • Be Christ's community, rooted in scripture -- Do we read the Scriptures and study it?