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A Mum On A Mission

May 11, 2014 Series: Special Worship Services

Topic: Special Service Passage: Exodus 2:1–2:10

What can we learn from this account of one mother's faith in God's provisions? 

Context: Blessing turned into a curse 

  • Egypt was one of the few countries during the period of crisis that had food. But things change. A new Pharaoh that did not know Joseph and felt threatened by what was happening (Exo 1:7-10).
  • The people were subject to a program of hard labour (Exo 1:13-14:6). 
  • The Pharaoh demanded that all the male Hebrew babies be killed at birth. This was a campaign to reduce the population of the Jews in Egypt. But the midwives feared God more than Pharaoh and did not kill the boys (Ex 1:22)

Yet, Moses was spared. How? 

She had a steadfast faith in the Lord

  • We see her faith from Exo 2:1-2 and Heb 11:23. 
  • She hid Moses for 3 months. They were unafraid of Pharaoh. 

She had a sound strategy

  • Her plan was a human plan, but it had the providence of God behind it (v.3-10).
  • What are the chances of a basket floating? The faith she had to put her son in a basket in the Nile.
  • What are the chances of Pharaoh's daughters finding the baby? And she understood it was one of the Hebrew children. And that she would take pity on the boy.
  • What are the chances that Moses' mother would be picked to nurse the child and be paid for it?
  • In Acts 7:21-22, we are also told that Moses did not forget that he was a child of God. This is a lesson for us her. What are we teaching our children? Do we help them realise the security of an identity in Jesus?  

She had a sense of destiny

  • Moses' mother acted, fully trusting in God's provision and promise. 
  • In the same way, we are to remember that God continues to work in the lives of our children, even though circumstances may be difficult. 

Words of encouragement for all mothers

  • Mothers have one of the hardest jobs in the world.
  • Be encouraged and draw close to God because God will draw close to you.
  • Allow room for twist and turns in life and in all things, let God work in your lives


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