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Beware of Apathy

March 23, 2014

Passage: Revelation 3:14–3:22


  • God's people can become apathetic towards the things of God, things close to the heart of God (Romans 12:9-11)
  • This passage (Rev 3:14-22) was part of the seven messages given to the churches. This is the last message to the wealthy city of Laodicea, which was famous for its banking, medicine, etc.
  • This church had everything material, but it lacked its passion and fervour for God.

The Condition (v.14-16)

  • Verse 14 begins with Christ himself speaking, the subsequent verses contain a description of what the illness is (v.15-16). Christ was speaking about the attitude of the people in Laodicea.
  • God doesn't want his Church to be indifferent and apathetic

The Cause (v.17)

  • Because of their wealth, they didn't feel like they needed anything.
  • God called them blind, alluding to their reputation for being able to cure an ancient eye disease. God called them naked, alluding to Laodicea's reputation for having wool
  • They were complacent, comfortable, but they were clueless to what they're missing.
  • The same rebuke and reminder applies for churches today. In Matthew 6:31-33, we are reminded that the cause of spiritual apathy is spiritual blindness, a false deception of well-being. Beware of thinking everything is well just because everything is materially well.

The Cure (v.18-22)

  • In verse 18, Christ invites them to come to Him for the cure. When he says "buy from me", he is using the commercial term familiar to them
  • Jesus called them to him and repent (v.19), to turn, away from sin and back to God. He says this because he truly love his people (Heb 12:6).
  • In verses 20-22, God gives us a promise. Christ promises intimate fellowship with anyone who returns in repentance.
  • Believers are also promised a future role in God's kingdom (v.21-22).

What does this mean for us? (Personal Application)

We need to examine ourselves. No one other than you can make this assessment

  • Do we have an accurate assessment of our present relationship with God?
  • Do we suffer from a serious spiritual blindness
  • Are we too comfortable and complacent?