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Staying Spiritually Strong

March 16, 2014 Series: Nehemiah

Passage: Nehemiah 13:1–13:31


  • Sin is dwelling in each of us, our sinful nature exist with our godly nature
  • od needed Nehemiah to return to Jerusalem to set things right again

1. Reclamation of the temple (v.1-9): Partnership Issue

  • Offense: the high priest invites Tobiah, the great enemy of God to stay in the temple (v.4-5). This is a violation of God's law, and a violation of their promise in chapter 10 (v.1-3)
  • Nehemiah's response: removes Tobiah from the temple. As God's people, we need to be careful about drawing close associations with people of the world.

2. Restoration of the temple stewardship (v.10-14): Stewardship Issue

  • Offense: the people who served in the temple were not supported. This is again a violation of God's law and their promise in chapter 10.
  • Nehemiah's response: sets everything straight, got the workers and provisions back the way they should be
  • Healthy church usually means healthy stewardship, but not vice versa. Stewardship for God's house, it is a thermometer of spiritual health (Matthew 6:21)

3. Re-institution of the Sabbath ordinances (v. 15-22): Lordship Issue

  • Offense: the sabbath day was established by God, for rest. An agreement between God and His people. This will help them stand out from the rest of the peoples
  • In Psalm 119:72, 127, we are reminded to value God's word over money.
  • We also value serving God over money. In Matthew 6:24, 33, we are told to seek God's kingdom over money.

4. Resolution of marriages (v.23-31)

  • Offense: marrying outside of the faith, v.23-24
  • Nehemiah responded with concrete actions (v.25-26). He expelled a relative of the high priest, to purify the priesthood (v.28-29)
  • How should the Church treat people who marry outside the faith? We instruct with and counsel great patience (2 Tim 4:2). We also continue to help, pray for, live before and love them, just as we would each other in the church (1 Tim 4:12, Eph 5:18, 33, 1 Cor 7:12-13, 1 Pet 3:1-2).

Getting the Point

  • Nehemiah was discerning: discerned the will of God at any point of time. God is not calling us to accumulate another thing in a building, but to experience Him
  • Nehemiah was dauntless: was courageous, not afraid of challenge or conflict. We will be challenged for sure with what to do with the freehold land for GBC.
  • Nehemiah was decisive: acted and didn't hold back. We need to decide to love and obey the Lord, with no turning back
  • Nehemiah was dependent:constantly seeking God's help and approval through prayer. What Nehemiah was seeking was God's power and presence. We have to be dependent on the Lord all the way through

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