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The Ordinances of the Church

November 10, 2013 Series: The Church

Passage: Matthew 28:19



We are there:

  1. Mission of the Church - disciplemaking
  2. Power of the Church – ministry of the Holy Spirit
  3. Worship of the Church – exalting God in spirit & truth
  4. Fellowship of the Church – founded on Christ
  5. Proclamation of the Church – ministry of the God’s Word
  6. Witness of the Church – spreading the Gospel by praying, going & living
  7. Leadership of the Church – elders & deacons.
  8. Unity of the Church – calling & character
  9. Service of the Church – heart & reward
  10. Discipline of the Church – love & reconciliation
  11. Ordinances of the church –


1. Baptism points to Jesus (Matt 28:19)

What does baptism represent?

  • Washing away of sin (Acts 22:12-16)
  • Death of old life (Rom 6:1-3)
  • Arising of new life (Rom 6:4)

What modes of baptism are there?

  • There are different modes adopted, but immersion conveys the above meaning of baptism most clearly.
  • What about infant baptism? In light of the meaning of baptism, and holding to the baptism of believers, we believe that baptism is carried out if there is a clear demonstration of repentance, and at an age of accountability.

2. Lord's supper points us to Jesus (Matt 26:26-29)

What do the elements represent?

  • The bread represents Jesus' body.
  • The cup represents his blood

What is the significance of the Lord's supper?

  • It is to remember the death of Jesus, and to anticipate his return

What is the posture to adopt while partaking the Lord's supper?

  • All believers are to do so under close examination of their hearts, especially in light of Christ's saving work which the Lord's supper represents (1 Cor 11:27-29).

3. These two ordinances act as marks of a true church

  • Obedience to the command
  • Outward sign and testimony to the world
  • Serves as a reminder of the optimism we can have in Jesus' victory, for the past, present, and future.

4. Application

  • For those that are non-believers, personalise faith in Jesus
  • For the Christians, publicise faith and be a bold witness.


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