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Church (Books)

 why i am a baptist.JPG

Why I Am A Baptist

Tom J. Nettles & Moore 

A volume of testimonies from contemporary Baptists on the question—Why I Am a Baptist. This book explains the Baptist life on the basis of historical tenets of the Christian faith worked out in practice. 

 baptism in the new testament

Baptism In The New Testament

G.R. Beasley-Murray 

Lays out the New Testament understanding of Baptism, discussing antecedants (e.g., proselyte baptism, etc) and foundations of baptism. Beginning with the primitive community in Acts, it studies it helps bring to light the wonderful freedom and hope found in the New Testament's explanation of baptism. 

 Believer's Baptism- Sign of the New Covenant in Christ

Believer's Baptism

Thomas R. Schreiner & Wright

Theology of baptism and a defense of believer’s baptism. Strong fidelity to Scripture’s teaching and deep devotion to Christ. Highly recommended for the topic.

nine marks of a healthy church 

Nine Marks of a

Healthy Church

Mark Dever

Any church can be healthier and glorify God better in all that it is and does. But nine marks have grown rare in today's churches and that distinguish a healthy, biblical church. Highly recommended for all; easily accessible.

 mission minded

Mission Minded

Peter Bolt

In the flurry of all our activitiy, have we lost sight of what the church is called to do? Sometimes, Christians may feel discouraged by the lack of direction and progressin the church. Mission Minded suggests a purposeful, gospel-centred ministry. 

 more than just a name

More Than Just a


R Stanton Norman 

Critically analyzes writings on Baptist distinctives. It argues that these writings constitute a specific theological genre: a confessional theology. The author shows that there is a body of theology common to all Baptists.

the baptist way 

The Baptist Way

R Stanton Norman

An introduction to the principles that distinguish Baptists from other Christians.