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Recommended Books



Tremendous resources are available to us in the form of books that teach us about Scriptures and aid us in our Christian growth. Disciples are to devote themselves to knowing and loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. As we read, let us apply our strength to using our mind to understand, so that our souls will be fed, and our hearts, warmed.

In times when we are unsure, doubtful, or struggling, good Christian literature instructs us and help us find greater confidence in what we have learnt.

To that end, we'd like to recommend the following books for your study and growth. We trust that these books, used frequently in the ministry of the church, will be useful for establishing you in the truth of our faith.

Whether you're doing one-on-one discipling with someone and would like to be equipped, or you're looking for more wisdom to help you grow as a Christian, these recommended books are a great place to begin.

If you are interested to read any of these books, you may borrow them from the church library, subject to availability. Alternatively, if you are interested to purchase these books online, just click on the image of each book to be directed to amazon.com.

You'll find these grouped by category according to the tabs on the right.