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Men's Breakfast Fellowship

Our Purpose

“As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another.” Prov 27:17

Who we are

Men’s Breakfast Fellowship (MBF) is a group of men who desire to encourage and uphold one another in our daily walk with Jesus and be a blessing to others.

What we do

We meet for breakfast 9am once a month on the first Sat. The objective is to pray, encourage from His Word, challenge one another so that men become faithful men for Christ at home and at work, bearing fruits that will sustain. We would love to welcome new men to the fellowship, if God permits.

The format of our gathering:

1.Small groups of 3-5.

2.Worship (5 min)

3.Testimonies (5 min)

4.Overview (5 min)

5.Small Group Studies and Discussion (30-45 min)

6.Group Prayer

What are the topics we discuss

We discuss practical issues including the temptations men face like anger, contentment, the lust of the eyes, the flesh, pride of life, power struggles in the corporate world, parenting and other issues. For a start we plan to study the theme “Men Studying Men in the Bible” e.g., the life of Joseph.


Confidentiality is important. This is one of the strength of the fellowship. We agree that information we share will be kept absolutely confidential and we will take extra caution not to divulge what we share to others without permission.

Contact Teoh Swee Hin for more information.