Meet God Mid Week (MGMW)

Meet God Mid Week (MGMW), is formerly a Sunday evening Bible Class started by our Pastor Emeritus, the late Rev. Dr. E.N. Poulson in the late 80s. The name was changed to MGMW in 1993 when GBC started an evening service and the Bible Class shifted to Tuesday night.

The class began as a ministry for our dedicated Sunday School (children, youth & young adults) and Children/Junior Church teachers who because of teaching had to miss Grace Bible School that ran concurrently. Over the years, church members began telling their friends and non-church members began seeking permission to attend the class. Over the 30 years we have ministered to people from dozens of churches. meet god mid week

Over the years Dr Poulson covered almost the entire Bible. This one hour class is teacher taught. People come tired after a day’s work and want to be reminded and refreshed by the Word. Many who come just want to “listen” and be taught. As Paul said in Romans 10:17 - “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of Christ,” God will Himself do the work of convicting.

Koh Siang Kiang, has been a student of Dr Poulson since her Bible College days. She has worked and taught with Dr Poulson for those years. She was Christian Education Director at Grace Baptist Church in the 1990s and has been teaching in Bible Seminaries since. Currently she is teaching at Singapore Bible College.

MGMW is currently meeting every Tuesday from 8-9 pm at Grace Baptist Church, Rooms 310 C and D. For more information, contact Siang Kiang here