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Grace News is a quarterly newsletter of GBC and the team is taking a sabbatical in 2019. You are however strongly encouraged to sign up for our weekly enewsletter: Grace eNews which better updates everyone on community life in GBC. 

It is our hope that through the chronicling of church life – both people and events, the newsletter will keep the church community at GBC informed of what's going on in church and to encourage one another by telling how the word of God can be lived out in community.

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 You can also visit our blog to read the articles. In 2017, GBC also started a weekly online newsletter: Grace eNews, you can find out more about it here


Grace News Team

The Grace News Team consists of writers, layout artists, illustrators, editors, photographers and coordinators. We are very thankful for the valuable guidance from our church leaders and the unwavering support of many church members, who though they are not part of the Grace News Team, have contributed much to the content and the overall finished work. We thank them for helping out in taking photos, providing illustrations, contributing articles and being interviewed. We extend our thanks to you too, our readers, for taking the trouble to read and give feedback. If you would like to be part of the team, please approach any of the team or email us at We would be more than delighted to welcome you onboard.

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