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Grace eNews

Grace eNews is a weekly online newsletter of GBC to better update everyone on community life in GBC. It is our hope that through the chronicling of church life – both people and events, the newsletter will keep the church community at GBC informed of what's going on in church and to encourage one another by telling how the word of God can be lived out in community

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1 Oct: Christmas in September?

24 Sep: Love in Turbulent Times

17 Sep: Vigorous in Intent, Deficient in Aim

10 Sep: Trusting and Resting

3 Sep: The Gravity of Sin and the Power of Joy

27 Aug: Hope in the Night

20 Aug: Running With and For One Another

13 Aug: Struggling with Difficult Situations

6 Aug: Up to Something Good

30 Jul: When Life's Threads Seem Knotted

23 Jul: Guarding the Good Deposit by Passing It On

16 Jul: The Sin in Us

9 Jul: Obey the Word : No Less, No More

2 Jul: Reflecting God's Image

25 Jun: Practical Help as a Common Grace of God

18 Jun: Standing in Awe of the God of Creation

11 Jun: Foundations for Life, the Universe and Everything

4 Jun: The Church and Singles

28 May: The Medicine of Memory

21 May: Trusting God in Uncertain Times

14 May: The Gospel that Makes Us Together and Alive

7 May: The Gospel Culture of Confessing Sins

30 Apr: Body Building30 Apr: Body Building

23 Apr: Living for Purpose

16 Apr: 5 Things That the Resurrection Changes

9 Apr: Singing to One Another, Again!

2 Apr: Our Pastor is Leaving. Now What?

26 Mar: Saints, Sinners and Strugglers

19 Mar: Investing in People

12 Mar: Women's Ministry in CG

5 Mar: A Message to Members

26 Feb: God’s Word: Authoritative and Sufficient for Equipping

19 Feb: Standing in the Shade

12 Feb: A Commendable Faith

5 Feb: Committed to One Another's Christlikeness

29 Jan: The Gospel at Work

22 Jan: Gathering Together Again as Church

15 Jan: Pray for Your Elders

8 Jan: Facing 2021 with Faith

1 Jan: My New Year's Resolution


25 Dec: A Son is Given

18 Dec: Looking at Shoes

11 Dec: Applying the Gospel

4 Dec: Adoring the Almighty

27 Nov: God's Word in My Life

20 Nov: Finding Thanksgiving (During the Covid Season)

13 Nov: A Thirst for God

6 Nov: Praying Together

30 Oct: Living with the End in Mind

23 Oct: Growing in the Gospel

16 Oct: Our New Life in Christ

9 Oct: A Heart for God's People

2 Oct: God’s Antidote for the Trauma of Transition

25 Sep: Boasting in Jesus Christ

18 Sep: Knowing and Praying for One Another

11 Sep: The Hope for Legalists

4 Sep: Practising Perseverance

28 Aug: Hope Amid the Darkness

21 Aug: Keep Coming to the Living Stone

14 Aug: Witnessing for Jesus Christ

7 Aug: The Joy of Face-to-Face Fellowship

31 Jul: Adjusting to Changing Normals

24 Jul: Keeping Holy Habits

17 Jul: O LORD, How Long?

10 Jul: Praying for the Polls

3 Jul: Why Lament?

26 Jun: "Protection" is Not a Metaphor

19 Jun: Preparing for New Normal

12 Jun: How Not to Respond to Glory

5 Jun: What is a Healthy CG?

29 May: While We Wait

22 May: Loving the "Strangers" in Our Midst

15 May: Longing for Home

8 May: Knowing Who We Are

1 May: What Do I See When I Look at Me?

24 Apr: (No More) McDonald’s and the Unmasking of My Idols

17 Apr: The Gift of Losing Control

10 Apr: Community and the Coronavirus

4 Apr: Skeletons in My Ministry Closet

27 Mar: A New Path

19 Mar: “If God Should Wish to Take Me”

13 Mar: Ships. Going Nowhere.

6 Mar: Praying Together

28 Feb: Sharing Meals (and Grace) Together

21 Feb: Trusting God Our King

13 Feb: There, Though Not There

7 Feb: The Goal of Our Prayers

31 Jan: The Bible's Big Story

24 Jan: The Challenge and Blessing of Singleness

17 Jan: Radical Dependence

10 Jan: What is the Bible?

3 Jan: Reading Your Bible in 2020


27 Dec: Let Us Examine Ourselves!

20 Dec: Christmas is About 'God with Us'

13 Dec: Singapore is not a Christian Nation – And I am Grateful

6 Dec: For the Father Loves the Son

29 Nov: Resounding Joy

22 Nov: Loving Someone Else's Child

15 Nov: Together We Tell of Jesus Christ

8 Nov: Someone is Dying

1 Nov: October Monthly Prayer Meeting

17 Oct: Doing Justice, Loving Kindness, and Walking Humbly with Your God

11 Oct: Teaching Our Children

4 Oct: Helping and Being Helped in the Body of Christ

27 Sep: The History That Walks Among Us

20 Sep: The Burden of Expectations

13 Sep: Growing. Pains

6 Sep: The Ancient of Days

30 Aug: Inspiring Hope in One Another

23 Aug: Really Good at Being Wrong

16 Aug: Why Forgive?

9 Aug: What Makes Community Compelling?

2 Aug: Six Lessons about God and His People

26 Jul: Keeping Sight of Future Glory

19 Jul: Unless You Turn and Become Like Children

12 Jul: Why Are So Many Christians Unhappy?

5 Jul: EQUIP: Life Together in God's Word

21 Jun: How We Can Grow as 'Grace Together'

7 Jun: Envisioning 'Grace Together'

31 May: Stealing Pencils

26 May: Preparing Our Hearts to Receive the Preached Word

17 May: Praying for Celebration of Hope

9 May: Spiritual Reflection

3 May: Together for God

26 Apr: Praying for Sri Lanka

19 Apr: Jesus, the King Crucified

12 Apr: Bringing Others to Jesus

5 Apr: Together for God

29 Mar: Endurance in Suffering is Proof

22 Mar: When Darkness Settles

15 Mar: Let's Go for Church Camp 2019

8 Mar: God is For Us

1 Mar: Compassion Ministry – Gladiolus Place

22 Feb: Life-Giving Friendships

15 Feb: Grace Together: Two Things We Seek, Three Persons We Need

9 Feb: More Than We Need

1 Feb: Affirming Elders

25 Jan: Why Show Compassion

18 Jan: Handling God's Word

11 Jan: Grace Together – Romans 1:1-7

4 Jan: Be Equipped for 2019 


28 Dec: Looking Back, Moving Forward

21 Dec: Preparing for Christmas

14 Dec: Abandoned on Our Behalf

7 Dec: God Our King Who Reigns

30 Nov: The Sin that Leads to Death

23 Nov: GBC Women: Studying God's Word Together

16 Nov: Christian Parenting

9 Nov: Love Like This

2 Nov: Men and Women of Grace

26 Oct: Singing of God's Grace

19 Oct: Worthy, Not Deserving

12 Oct: Just Checking

5 Oct: Responding to the Issue of Section 377A

28 Sep: What Fred Faber Knew

21 Sep: Life Together in 1 John

14 Sep: Living Together as Christ's Ambassadors in the World

7 Sep: The Stream of Human Custom

31 Aug: John Bunyan on "How to get to Heaven"

24 Aug: Cultivating Spiritual Friendships

17 Aug: When Experience Fails

10 Aug: "That you may know": Our Messages on 1 John

3 Aug: Serving Others with Our Words

27 Jul: Believe, Belong, Behave. Why the Order Matters

20 Jul: Church Matters

13 Jul: Why Do Baptists "Vote"

6 Jul: Bearing Fruits as Christ’s Disciples

29 Jun: Nurturing Elders and Pastors (Part 2)

22 Jun: Nurturing Elders and Pastors

14 Jun: Obey and Submit to Our Elders

8 Jun: A Shepherd's Gifting

1 Jun: A Shepherd's Character

25 May: A Shepherd's Resume

18 May: My Struggles with Who I Am

11 May: Gleanings from My Sabbatical

4 May: Great Commission Month

27 Apr: Discipling the Hearts of the Next Generation

20 Apr: The Book of Deuteronomy

13 Apr: So That It Might Go Well With Us

6 Apr: Living as God's People on Mission

29 Mar: Joni's Godly Priorities

23 Mar: Tell Me the Old, Old Story

16 Mar: Suffering Little Children

9 Mar: Walking Together in the Light

2 Mar: You Are Not Alone

23 Feb: Calling Men and Women of Grace

16 Feb: Gender Roles: Reflecting the Gospel

9 Feb: A Brilliant Display of His Perfect Patience

2 Feb: Engaging the World

26 Jan: Resolving Differences

19 Jan: Why Pray?

12 Jan: Life in Our Father's House

5 Jan: Get Equipped for 2018



29 Dec: Standing on Three Legs

22 Dec: A Time of Remarkable Blessing

15 Dec: The Joy of a Christmas Bargain

8 Dec: They Looked For Redemption

1 Dec: Veni, Veni Emmanuel!

24 Nov: A Youthful Sunday

17 Nov: I was a Stranger and You Welcomed Me

10 Nov: The Spiritual Barometer of God's Church

3 Nov: Keeping the Flame

27 Oct: Reformation Drift

20 Oct: Rembering Rev (Dr) EN Poulson

13 Oct: Taking Time for a Sabbatical Rest

6 Oct: Why Do People Reject the Gospel?

29 Sep: Discipling in our Weakness

22 Sep: Everybody's Talking

15 Sep: Building God's House

8 Sep: Prepare our Hearts for Worship

1 Sep: When Someone Comes to See

25 Aug: It is Good to Give Thanks!

18 Aug: Welcome Others, as Christ Has Welcomed Us

11 Aug: Pressing Forward in Him

4 Aug: When We Pray

28 Jul: New Ministry Support Staff

21 Jul: We Are Members of One Body

14 Jul: The Joy of Mutual Ministry

7 Jul: Loving God's Beloved

30 Jun: Following Jesus Outside of Sunday

23 Jun: Come Away With Me

16 Jun: When Content and Conduct Unite

9 Jun: 18 Things to Pray for Your Church

2 Jun: Church Growth

25 May: Building Bridges

19 May: Why Do People Remain Lost?

12 May: Building Lessons from Lego

5 May: Cramming for Missions

28 Apr: About Changes

21 Apr: Christ is Risen...Now What?

13 Apr: The New Testament Church: Who Was Doing All the Baptising?

7 Apr: Transitions

28 Mar: A Word from the Pastor


You can also find here an archive of a quarterly newsletter – Grace News – that we published.