COVID-19 Updates | Service Livestream (15 May)

Registration is no longer needed for our services and we hope to see you in person! 

COVID-19 Updates and FAQS

Updated 28 Apr, 1500h

Dear Grace Baptist Church,

Beloved, in the light of the improved public health situation and, more importantly, in obedience to God's instruction to gather and for the joy of gathering as a church, let us make an effort to assemble in person.

From 30 April 2022, we do not have to register on Eventbrite before attending worship services. Trace Together/Safe Entry and the Vaccination Differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS) requirements have also been lifted for gatherings of less than 500 people. This is in line with the government’s further easing of COVID-19 measures from 26 April 2022.

In addition, we can also bring food and drinks, as eating is now permitted on the church premises. Just remember to put on your mask indoors when you are not eating.

If you’d like to use the church premises for all other activities outside of congregational worship, please book the space with the church office a week in advance.

Thank God for His sustaining grace over the past two years! Let us announce what God has done with shouts of joy and encourage one another with our presence! See you all this weekend!

"Let them give thanks to the Lord for His faithful love and His wonderful works for all humanity. Let them offer sacrifices of thanksgiving and announce His works with shouts of joy."
(Ps 107:21-22)

English Congregation Elders


1. What should I do if I want to attend worship services?

We encourage all members and worshippers to join us for our services in person. TraceTogether/Safe Entry are currently not implemented for our services. Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS) are also no longer in place for the services. 

Our in-person children's ministries (Sunday School and Nursery) have also resumed on Sundays. Find out more about our services here.

2. Can we conduct our ministry activities in church? 

Non-congregational ministry activities of groups in the building can resume. Register formally with the church office ahead of time, and provide the capacity of the event for room allocation purposes. 

3. How can I participate in church life? 

We look forward to resuming more in-person activities, and we encourage members to participate in these too. Access to our Fellowship Hall on Level 3 is now available after each worship service, so we encourage worshippers to stay for a while to meet and chat with others. 

During the week, there are many care groups and ministries in GBC that allow us to participate in body life. Through these gatherings, members can form closer relationships and reach out to one another, pray for and do spiritual good for one another. Read Pastor Eugene's note to the CG Leaders.  Consider joining a care group if you are not in one by writing to us at 

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In this period, if you require practical help including visits and financial support, please do reach out to our Member Care team at for more support. You can also find out more here.

If you have any prayer needs, please allow the pastors-elders the privilege to pray alongside with you. You can submit your prayer requests here,can or drop any of our pastors and elders an email