Updated 3 Apr 20: Response and FAQs on COVID-19 | Watch livestream of Sunday Service (5 Apr 20) at 9am

COVID-19 Updates and FAQS

Updated 3 April 2020, 0930h

Our English Congregational Leadership (ECL) is monitoring the COVID-19 situation in Singapore and maintains a commitment to all Ministry of Health (MOH) advisories. As the situation evolves, this page will be updated to provide information about how GBC will respond. 

We are grateful to live in a country where the Government speak with calm and transparency and take immediate actions to guide and protect the nation. The ECL is takes reference from the Ministry of Health's advisories and is committed to feed, guide and protect God’s flock during times of community anxiety. Our recommendations below reflect our civic responsibility, our obligation to love one another, and our best Gospel witness during this community crisis. 

Please read the latest statement on 25 March from the ECL and watch a message from Pastor Ian


1. Will Sunday worship services still continue? 

No, as of 25 March. This is after the Government's latest measures put in place on 24 March. These measures will be in effect until 30 Apr. 

Our worship services will be conducted online and live streamed via our YouTube channel. We encourage all members to participate in the service online. We ask that for Sunday participation in worship, please do join in from your homes with your families only, and not in groups.

 If you have difficulties doing so, please contact the church office for assistance.


2. Why must we make these additional changes?

On 24 March, the Singapore Government issued tighter measures to minimise further spread of COVID-19, that includes religious gatherings.

The advisory specifies: 

"11. All religious services and congregations will be suspended. Places of worship (e.g. temples, mosques, churches) may remain open for private worship and essential rites, subject to group sizes of 10 persons or fewer at any one time."  

Source: MOH news highlights

In submission to secular authorities, GBC will seek to fully abide by all Government guidelines. The elders will consistently review Government guidance and will adjust how we worship accordingly. 


3. What is GBC doing differently based on the additional measures?

To comply with the government's direction,

  • GBC will suspend all physical gatherings, including our worship services. Our worship services will be conducted online and live streamed via our Youtube channel. We encourage all members to participate in the service online.
    If you have difficulties doing so, please contact the church office for assistance.

  • We will also conduct these ministry activities online: 
    • CLOBS
    • Small group Bible studies
    • Equip

  • With safe distancing measures in place, from 2 April onwards, all official ministries and gatherings of GBC, regardless of size, including Care Groups, small groups and all Bible studies transition online only to minimise physical contact

  • To prevent inadvertent breaches of the stricter measures, the church building will be closed to gatherings, including CG meetings. If you need to visit the church building, please notify the church office beforehand.

  • The following activities will be suspended:
    • Monthly Prayer Meeting (27 Mar and 24 Apr)
    • Outreach Ministry (Tuition, Gladiolus Place, etc)
    • Church Matters
    • Quarterly Congregational Meeting


4. What biblical principles should be guiding our decision-making as a church at this time?

The principles that are helping the ECL make our decisions at this time are:

  • Trust in our good and sovereign Father; 
  • Love for one another and others;
  • Submission to the authorities;
  • Regularly gathering as God's people; and
  • Respecting one another's consciences.


5. Why are CG members and seniors being asked to livestream the service remotely in groups? 

Although we cannot physically gather as a church, we hope to still help members stay in touch with one another and have the sense of community that is so important for church life. Many other churches in Singapore are doing the same. 

We seek all members' cooperation and understanding as we find ways to maintain our sense of community while adhering to MOH's advisory.

We are also looking at new ways to keep in touch with each other and mobilise the church body for prayer and mutual care.


6. How can I still participate in worship and church life? 

All our services will be streamed live and available online thereafter! You can subscribe to our YouTube channel and join us from home.

Also, sign up for our Grace Enews to stay up-to-date with church life. All GBC worshippers and members are encouraged to sign up to the Enews so we can keep you updated with the latest information in this crisis.

We are also thankful for the many care groups in GBC that will continue to care for during this period. We encourage members to check in on one another, pray for and with each other and meet online with each other where possible and appropriate.  

In this period, if you require practical help (including visits and financial support, where appropriate, please do write to our Member Care team at membercare@gracebaptistchurch.sg


7. What other precautions is GBC taking during this period? 

As of 25 March, the church building will be closed to all gatherings. If you need to access the building, please inform the church offce beforehand.

We have stepped up the cleaning of our building. Our offices as well as high contact surface areas, are disinfected daily. 

Our nursery and junior worship helpers constantly clean and disinfect the area and toys before and after use on Sundays. The children's play area in the Fellowship Hall on Level 3 has also been removed temporarily.  


8. How can I respond to this spiritually? 

Our pastors and elders understand the real fear that this global pandemic can create. Sin, sickness, suffering and death is real and we are not immune to it. The gospel is good news because God has not left us alone in this world. This place is not our home, and He has made a way back for us in Jesus Christ. The greatest news for us is not just an end to this situation. The greatest news is that Jesus lived in obedience to God without sin, died on the cross to bear the judgment and wrath of God for sinners, and rose again in victory. All who place their faith and trust in the finished work of Christ have been forgiven of their sins and are restored to the Father. They no longer fear sickness and death in this world, because they have a new hope of eternal life in God, and can look forward to an end of death, sickness and tears (Rev 21:4). 

If you do not know the salvation that we have in Christ and would like to find out more, write our pastors and elders and we'd love to tell you more! And if you do know the joy of having Jesus as your Saviour, we encourage you to ponder on this daily and share this good news with those around you. 

Our pastors have also written a few reflections and articles: 

We often sing this in our services — "When all around my soul gives way, He then is all my hope and stay". This is especially true for us today!  


9. What other practical steps can I take? 

There are many ways we can be faithful followers of Jesus in this uncertain period: 

  • Pray for the Singapore Government and world leaders to make informed decisions and policies that will be for the good of the people. 
  • Pray also for strength for the healthcare workers who are working hard and mercy and quick recovery for those who are sick. We have a couple of doctors and nurses in GBC who are currently stationed in the Government hospitals. Thank God for them and continue to pray for them! 
  • Stay informed and avoid passing on false information. Subscribe and pass on news only from official and reputable news outlets. 
  • Check in on one another, especially on the elderly and those who are sick. Find ways to serve and love each other!