Church Leaders and Staff

Our Pastors


Rev (Dr) Ian Buntain, married to Sherri

Lead Pastor


Rev Oliver Chia Kiat Say



Rev. Eugene Low, married to Claire



Andrew Saw 

Pastor (Myanmar Fellowship)



Our Elders


Beh Soo Hee, married to Kit Wan


Lim Song Huat, married to Eng Khin


Lam Lup Meng, married to Winnie 

 lup meng and winnie

Ngo Thian Chye, married to Janice 


Mok Chuan Xin, married to Pei Xian


Caleb Yap, married to Rachel



Elder Associates


Jonathan Tan, married to Kiyoko                          ea-jonathan-tan-1
Nehemiah Chong, married to Sze Ern  ea-nehemiah-chong


Our Staff

Kuan Kok Pui

Church Administrator


Pauline Wang


Liang Peifen


Carrie Chong

Ministry Support Worker