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Christian Living (Books)

 how long o lord

How Long O Lord?

D A Carson 

Reflections on suffering and evil - a treatment of the problem of evil. 

 if i were god id end all the pain

If I were God, I'd End all the Pain

John Dickson

Why doesn't God do something about pain? Why does he allow it to happen? The writer looks at alternative explanations offered by Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and Atheism before turning to what the Bible says about God, justice and suffering.

 issues facing christians today

Issues Facing Christians Today

John Stott updated by Roy McCloughry

Helps thinking Christians respond to a sweeping array of complex and pressing topics - terrorism, same-sex marriage, debt cancellation, the AIDS pandemic. Other topics thoughtfully considered include: pluralism and Christian witness; Cohabitation; Environmentalism and ecological stewardship; War and peace; Abortion and euthanasia. 

pure sex 

Pure Sex

Phillip Jensen / Tony Payne

Broken relationships, hurt, guilt, and confusion on all sides. Could it be that there is another way, that actually makes sense of our sexuality, and allows us to express and enjoy it? This book suggests that there is, and that it can be found in a most surprising place--in the ancient teachings of the Christian Bible.

 sex in the service of God

Marriage - Sex In The Service Of God

Christopher Ash

It is far more than a study on Marriage, for it gives the reader a thorough grounding in a biblical theology of human sexuality and has implications for modern debates about homosexuality, cohabiting, marriage and familial structure in contemporary society. 

 men firing through all of life

Men - Firing Through

All of Life

Alan Stewart 

This book deals with problems facing men today and offers insightful solutions from the Bible. 



Tony Payne

A fresh look at what the Bible says about dads. What does it really mean to be a father? What should fathers be trying to achieve? And how can they do a better job? 

 the essence of feminism

The Essence of Feminism

Kirsten Birkett

Feminism affects how we act, how we think, how we speak. It is one of the most powerful forces in Western society. How did it get to be that way? Are its claims true and its arguments valid? The origins of modern feminism, what it fought for, and what it achieved. 

 nothing i hold in my hand

Nothing in my Hand I Bring

Ray Galea 

"I did not want to assume that just because I was born a Catholic, this was by definition the right choice. I knew I could just as easily have been born a Baptist or a Mormon. So I spent the next six months reading and talking to priests and ministers to find out the differences between Catholics and Protestants. How did each of their teachings compare with the teaching of Jesus and the apostles?".. Galea 

 the quest for character

The Quest for


Charles Swindoll

Shows you the building blocks of character that God wants to develop in you and how these traits can help you achieve lasting fulfillment.