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Overview of the Children's Ministry

As a ministry, we seek to teach the children who God is, His plans for them and how they should respond to Him.

Children's Ministry during services

The Children's Ministry currently caters to children from ages up to 12 years old during the Sunday morning service. 

For children ages 3 to 12, their programme takes place during 9.30am to 10.30am. For the first part of the service, children will join their parents and the rest of the church in the sanctuary for worship, before being dismissed. During their class, the children will be taken through lessons following the sermon schedule from the pulpit. 

For children below the age of 3, there is a nursery service from 9am to 10.30 am. Parents can drop off their infants before the start of the service, to be cared for by a dedicated team of church members. During this time, the children will be ministered to in lesson and play. The Nursery is located in the Attic (Room 503) and is equipped for feeding, napping and formula preparation. Diaper changing stations are available at the handicap toilets on each floor.

At GBC, we are also family dedications during the regular worship service. This is not to baptise the children, but it serves as an opportunity for parents and the rest of the church to commit to discipling the children whom God has entrusted to us. Find out more about our family dedications here.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Siew Ting at You can also register at

How can I get involved in the Children's Ministry?

There are many ways that you can partner and participate with us.

  1. Teaching – long term one year commitment, teaching once or twice a month.
  2. Nursery – long term one year commitment, helping once a month (Saturday or Sunday).
  3. Special needs – we would welcome anyone with the desire to or the expertise to handle/take care of children with special needs, as they interact and learn with other children in their class.
  4. Training – we provide annual training to teachers from lesson presentation, classroom management and also bible learning. We are also keen on anyone who can share their own expertise in teaching children.

The Children's Ministry is currently looking for new teachers to serve in both the nursery as well as in Sunday School. If you're keen to serve or would like to find out more, please contact either Chuan Xin at or Siew Ting at