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Youth Camp 2014: Reflections (Part 2)

Worship was also a big part of our camp. Our worship team was led by camper Daniella Low who composed the theme song ‘The King of Heaven’ with Ruth Chua. This theme song helped us to put our worship in perspective as we focused not on the beauty of heaven, but on the glory of the maker of heaven – our God. God allowed His presence to be felt by us as we worshipped Him. Daniella explains the challenges that she faced as well as how God touched her life through worship.

“I remember praying back in June when I was approached to be Worship Head, for God to use my team mightily for His glory. I thought I was prepared to do whatever it took for His glory, even if it meant that everything had to fall apart before He could reveal Himself to us In the worship practices leading up to camp, however, my enthusiasm for worship gradually declined. Somehow, the set was not coming together as I wanted it to, and some songs were still messy, no matter how many times we practiced. It was frustrating, disheartening, and my team was low on morale and will. As their leader, I felt incompetent and utterly unprepared for camp. What had begun as an exciting opportunity for me now threatened to end in failure, as I worried over the technicalities of each song, over the theme song, and doubted if God could really use such imperfection to speak to His people. Along the way, I forgot my initial prayer, and started to drift away from Him, instead relying more on my own strength, getting frustrated and very stressed each time I failed to pull the team together. But God demonstrated His grace and power during the evening set on Day 1. I had neglected to do the slides, and the team was panicky. Yet, as we sang ‘How Deep The Father’s Love For Us’, I saw several youth crying as they were touched by the words of the song. At that very moment, I remembered why we worship. It is because of His love for us, the fact that we are reconciled to Him through Christ’s death on the cross, and resurrection that we are able to sing praises to Him, and truly exults in Him. As the camp went on, I received notes of encouragement from various people, who all thanked me for leading worship, because God had used the songs to speak to them, touch their hearts. I did not realize it at the time, but I think that was God answering my prayer in June. He had used us during the camp to minister to His people, and used the songs and music to touch each and every one of our hearts. He had used the imperfection in us all the same, to reveal His perfection. Now I can truly say, to Him be all glory, because only He is able to move us as He did during the camp.”

The camp was not without its fair share of food, fun and games. Over the five days, the campers were treated to a series of good food, such as roti prata, cupcakes, pesto pasta, potato salad and even turkey, ham and sausages to commemorate Christmas! We were indeed very blessed and are very thankful to all the young adults and adults who contributed in one way or another, be it in cooking, preparing or buying the food. We thank God to see how His community and His church came together to serve and please Him. Camper Grace Tan elaborates,

“The food this year was different from last year and was really yummy. Also, the food provided by Kembangan CG and all the parents was really good and it demonstrated their generosity.”

The games provided a much needed platform for the campers to bond, get to know each other better and rest and relax. Besides the station games played in camp, the wet games played in the nearby park as well as the traditional candle fight, we also went out of camp to the Botanic Gardens for the Amazing Race. We are again very amazed, humbled and thankful for the amount of support that we managed to receive in the planning, logistical preparation and execution of the various games. The young adults who came down to help us literally braved sun and rain as they helped ensure that the games ran smoothly, safely and promptly. We give thanks to our great God for all that He has given us.

1 Corinthians 3:7 (ESV) says, “So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth”. Indeed, all the administrative and logistical planning, preparation, management and execution would have been nothing without God’s grace in bringing it to fruition. Our campers share with us some thoughts and reflections about how God has used them and how God has helped them grow through this camp. District 2 Group Leader Agnes Ng shares with us how God has used her:

“Our God is a mighty God and He uses us not because of whom we are but despite of who we are. When I was told to be a group leader, I thought that this meant having the right answers and being a ‘model Christian’. This journey has instead allowed me to ask more questions than I could answer, showed me my foibles and weaknesses, and gave me the change to interact with the other youths. If this is what it means to be used, then my dearest prayer is to be used over and over again for His glory.”

Our camper, Lianna Chan, who designed the camp T-shirt, also shares with us,

“At the beginning when I was asked to help with designing the camp T-shirt, I immediately agreed without really thinking about it. However, when I was given the theme for the shirt, I was really stumped. After spending a lot of time in clueless frustration trying to think of a concept, I realised that I was merely depending on myself to figure out how to design a T-shirt that everyone would love. I saw how I was only relying on my own strength when I should be asking God for help. After all, it's not really about the outward appearance of it but the message behind. Trying to tie the message with the drawing made me think deeper about the concept of sin, Jesus and God and these thoughts now stick with me. My takeaways from this would be how I should depend on God and trust in him. Ultimately, the things that we do should be for God and not for anyone else.”

Our young adult Aaron Lum summarises what he prays that the youth will continue to think about,

“The theme for Youth Camp 2014- 'What are You Hungry For?' was a very timely reminder for me especially in this season of my life and it helped to realign the focus and priorities of life back to what really mattered. Personally, the message about how to enjoy God really spoke to me. It's something that I found was difficult to do and at times really abstract. It's a question that I still ask myself many times and till this day am still figuring what are some practical ways to do just that. Also, it was very encouraging to see the youths trying to grapple and struggle through this question and most importantly, trying to think and take practical steps to remind them of this God who is real and living. My prayer is that even though youth camp has ended, we continue asking ourselves the hard questions and be honest with one another about the struggles we face. As both youths and young adults alike, we should encourage each other to look forward to the riches that we will have in heaven, only then will we find our true joy and satisfaction.”


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Post written by Nathan Tang