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Youth Camp 2014: Interview with the Camp Commandants

In this post, Camp Commandant Nathan Tang shares with us his experience planning the camp thus far. He speaks of how God has used some of the challenges to show them their sins, and more of His faithfulness and saving grace! We thank God for the work He is doing in the lives of our youths, and we continue to pray that this camp will be one where the God's Word is proclaimed, lived out, and fruit is borne after it ends.

We experience an unhealthily fast pace of life here in Singapore. Time really flies. Planning for Youth Camp began in June and it is already December. The past six months have not been without its fair share of challenges. Through this post, I would like to share three struggles we faced and how God has taught us and helped us along.

My first struggle was with the notion of knowing God’s will for His camp. As a servant of God, I believed that it was important for me to know what God wanted above what I wanted. After all, we were merely God’s servants working in His large and beautiful picture. As I engaged in Romans 12:2, I discovered that to discern God’s will for this camp, it was important for me to immerse myself in God’s word to renew my mind, to test and prove what was holy and acceptable in His eyes.

Our second struggle was with the presence of sin. The story of Moses and the burning bush taught us the importance of keeping pure and holy as we served God. Yet, God showed us that none of our sin, failures and incompetencies could ever ruin God’s sovereign will for this camp.

Our last struggle was with asking for help. Being relatively shy, it was difficult to ask for help. However, on that same day as I was worrying about how to approach people to help out, three young adults approached me all to offer their assistance. It was amazing to see how God was strong through my weakness.
Looking forward, please pray for the campers, that God will prepare their hearts and minds to receive His word and pray that God’s sovereign will will be visible for all to see throughout Youth Camp and indeed it will be a time that brings tremendous glory to God.