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Who Do You Think You Are?

Our YA ministry has been holding regular evangelism events that focus on topics that many young adults identify and struggle with. Some past topics included relationships and the life we lead online. This September, they will be holding another event titled “Who do you think you are?” on 28 Sept and they’ve shared with us their motivations and purposes for this upcoming session.

1. What is the focus for this session and why was it chosen?

This session has been titled, ‘Who do you think you are?” and we’re going to focus on the issue of identity. People often refer to this as the “age of authenticity” but in the quest for freedom of expression, it also led to different struggles. The question of identity is a struggle for all regardless of age, but for young adults this is a very present concern. Technology has allowed us to curate and present an online persona that showcases our best sides and our best lives, but it has also left many worried about being left out or anxious to show their true selves. 


2. What can I expect when I come?

We hope to provide a time and place for a discussion on this topic and the one great ice-breaker is to do so over food. Freshly made prata will be available for dinner and we hope that conversations will flow as we bond over our prata orders too.

That night, some of our young adults will also be sharing their own struggles with identity issues in the areas of appearances, the need for acceptance and approval from others and the struggles with faith. They will also share how the gospel changes our view of identity and gives us strength to face or overcome these struggles. The sharing will form the basis for table discussions and a time for all present to hear from each other, and also the Christians present about how the gospel speaks to these issues.


3. Who is it for?

Anyone, really. However, it is primarily geared towards the needs and concerns of young adults in Singapore and we hope that non-Christians will also be able to share their own thoughts and hear a Christian’s perspective on these issues.


4. I won’t be able to make it but how can I pray for this event?

Pray for the young adults as they have conversations with their friends, family, schoolmates and colleagues from now to the event. Pray for boldness in sharing their faith, and also in extending this invitation out.

Pray for the hearts of all who will come. We don’t know who God will bring, but we pray that God will prepare their hearts to hear from Him. We also pray that the gospel will be proclaimed clearly during the event, and the lives of the YAs will be in a manner worthy of the gospel. 


5. How can I sign up?

Register at! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Kenneth or Hewlett.