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What did Jesus do

Christ is the perfect example of what He says to do - to be filled with humility; there is no better standard than Christ Himself.

Who Jesus was
He is of exact character and nature of God (John 1:1, John 10:30) yet He did not grasp (to hold tightly) on to and was willing to let go of the rights and privileges of being God. What rights/privileges are we holding on to tenaciously? Are we willing to let them go in humility?

What Jesus did
Inasmuch as Christ was willing to set aside His rights and privileges, He did not give up His deity or exchange it for humanity. He could but did not use His deity privileges to overcome human problems. He came not to be served but to serve. (Mark 10:45)

Jesus was also fully man. He is able to empathize with us (Heb 4:15-16). He 'puts on' servanthood without 'putting off' Godhood.

Jesus also submitted to the will of the Father (Mark 14:36). The cross was abhorred at that time, it is not the common 'sanitized' version in the society of today. We now have a mediator because Christ died on that despicable cross. Do we believe and accept that truth? Everyday is a borrowed grace from God, we cannot be certain we will still be alive the next moment. We need to decide today.

What Jesus received
God bestowed Him a name that is above every name, that EVERY name/creature (physical and spiritual) will acknowledge and affirm. This is to the glory of the Father - all of Christ's humility is to seek to glorify God. EVERY tongue will also confess that Christ is Lord, either now or later in terror.

What will you do?
1. Set aside your rights and privileges
2. Submit to the will of God
3. Seek to glorify God

Do these mark your relationship with those....
...below You help
...beside. Walk alongside you
...above. Lead and guide you