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We Told the Story of Jesus - Reformation Concert 28-29 Oct 16

Last year’s Reformation Concert, held at Calvary Baptist Church, was an extended effort which involved over 120 members of the GBC family. While the majority of the participants formed the choir and musicians, many people also performed roles behind the scenes, from ushering to design to marketing. The participants interviewed here by Grace News represent a range of ages, professions and interests. These accounts give a glimpse, not just of what the respective responsibilities entailed, but also of the different means through which God communicates with each of us.

Low Poyen (choir, semi-retiree) 

Reformation concert low poyen web

In August my son Eugene asked me about joining the choir. I said, “You know I can’t even sing the right note, are you sure they want an elderly person like me?”

Looking back, I must admit my soul has truly been blessed by the experience. The story of Jesus was retold in the most vivid way, by the lyrics of the songs themselves. I was truly moved by each and every song, and by the contemplation of their deep and meaningful significance.

All the participants played different roles in making the concerts a success for the glory of God! The team effort made this a truly ‘blended worship’ for everyone.

Samuel Chan (violinist, Pri 4 pupil)

Reformation concert samuel chan

I started learning to play the violin when I was four. On Sundays I play the offertory for junior church. Some of the rehearsals for the concert took place in the evenings, so my mother would pack dinner. I also learned to manage my time, since the concert dates clashed with my exam period. On the day of the concert I had a fever. I spent the whole day resting at home. That night I was a little afraid, but everything went okay. My grandmother watched me perform. She said it was good. One thing I learned from the experience is that I enjoy playing the violin for God. I just got back my exam results – I did better than I expected. I think He has blessed me.

Gloria Ng (choir, working mother)

Reformation concert gloria ng

I’m from the Chinese Congregation. I like to sing, and to serve God with my voice. I joined this choir to serve as part of a bigger ‘Grace family’. The focus on this concert was on Solus Christus – the person of Jesus Christ. Its structure, from the story of creation to the resurrection to Jesus’ second coming, served as a good reminder of the truths in the Bible, and our core beliefs as Christians. As we were singing the songs it felt like an act of worship. We were internalising the lyrics.

Julian Chow (marketing, digital marketing consultant)

Reformation concert julian chow

I work in marketing, I joined the Reformation concert team to use my skills in service of the Lord. Our team planned the sales, publicity, and outreach to the different Baptist Churches.

This was not just about fundraising: more importantly it contributed to the spiritual rebuilding of the church. Through our announcements, we gave thanks, we rallied support, and we asked for prayers.

As at the time I was writing my Master’s thesis and also preparing for my wedding, I didn’t know if I could fit in the time, but when you’re committed God will pave the way for you to serve.

To me the biggest lesson has been that God is involved in the outcome. At the beginning we were worried about the ticket sales, but eventually everything came together.


More testimonies of the concert participants are captured in a booklet and are available free for download here.