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Visiting Our Pastoral Staff

For a few years now, it has become a Young Adult (YA) tradition to have a 'bai nian' (Chinese for 'visitation') during CNY. This festive season has become an opportunity to meet different people in church. In previous years, the YAs have visited other caregroups, some of our seniors and other couples in church that the YAs may not have the chance to meet on a regular basis.

This year, the YAs wanted to get to know our pastoral staff! As a part of the church, we’ve benefited from their faithful and weekly ministry, but many of us don’t know them personally, haven't had a chance to hear how God has been working in their lives or don’t know what they struggle with! YA 2019 bai nian

We are thankful that Grandma P and 'Aunty Siang', Sam and Jess, Yan and Fellisia and Pastor Ollie and Aunty Juliana opened their house and shared their lives with us that evening. Each small group visited a different house and over dinner, got to share their lives and heard different stories of God’s faithfulness and grace!

Shawn Ong met our pastoral intern Yan and his wife Fellisia and one thing that stood out for him was how God remained faithful and kept them going through life. He was amazed that through it all, “somehow in God's provision, she was able to meet Yan in the church and yeah now they’re a married couple. :)”

For Samantha, hearing from Pastor Ollie and his mother, Juliana, was encouraging for her. She writes, “I am encouraged by Pastor Ollie and Aunty Juliana that despite the daily struggles they face with caregiving and disappointments in life, they continued trusting in God and cling to Him as their source of hope and strength.”

Joshua Lowe had the chance to visit Grandma P and Aunty Siang. He said that the most memorable thing was the chance to hear stories of Grandpa and Grandma P, such as how they came to Singapore, how both of them met and how Grandma P came to know Jesus. "It was encouraging to listen to her stories and hear about God's work throughout their lives. It was also wonderful to hear about Aunty Siang's work at Singapore Bible College," said Joshua.

It was an encouraging time of meeting Samuel, Jessica and the boys for Tiffany. She was reminded again that pastors and their families are also human, and knowing more about them allows us to better care for them as part of the church body. "I also learnt that they are cool people with cool kids and I enjoyed getting to know them on a more personal basis."

As we continue to delve into 'grace together' as a church, what else does God have in store for us in 2019? May church members continue to reach out, encourage and love one another with the grace with which God has blessed us.