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Update from Doug and Joyce Erdmann


Doug Erdmann, a former GBC member who has returned to the U.S. in 2016, shares with us his current work with REI.

Doug and Joyce Erdmann remember fondly their friendships at GBC. After seven years in Singapore they returned to the U.S. at the end of 2016. In 2018, Doug became the president and CEO of Resource Exchange International (“REI”). 

REI does “holistic” work in developing countries (Djibouti, Egypt, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Laos, Mongolia and Vietnam). REI’s vision is “people of emerging nations filled with hope as their countries are developed and their lives transformed.” REI trains people in a number of areas: their professions, their character and their spiritual lives … “building people to build nations”. 

REI is growing, with 12 new staff going to long-term assignments this year, 15 if one counts early 2022. The organisation also sends out numerous short-term volunteers providing training in medicine, business and education. Over the years, a number of these staff and volunteers have come from Singapore. Singaporeans are particularly well-suited to the work of REI because they are respected internationally, their English is excellent, and they are well-educated. These are the type of people who developing countries are opening their doors too. If you are interested in finding out more about REI, please email Doug at

Some of REI’s new staff who are about to be sent out.  L-R: Aren (Indonesia), Ian (Djibouti), Tracy & Allen (HQ), Shanika (Indonesia), Gwen (Laos), Naomi (Indonesia), Elam, Hannah and Jake (Laos).

We thank God for how He is working in Doug and Joyce and we pray that He will continue to sustain and strengthem them as they continue to labour in Him and bring glory to Him. Do keep the family in prayers!

Doug and Joyce with Doug’s mother, their kids and grandkids!


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