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Another Reformation Concert 2016 Update

Caleb Yap, who has been working on the music and coordination of the concert shares with us some of the exciting things that have been going on behind the scenes. 

We are in the final stretch of preparation for the concert with less than 3 weeks left. If you have time, stop by Grace 2 Hall at Calvary Baptist Church on Sunday evenings and you'll see a busy group of people bustling with their sheet music, humming in anticipation and instruments tuning up ready for rehearsal. Energy levels are high and people are excited.

For me and Aaron, as well as the rest of the planning team, it is the culmination of many anxious nights of discussion and prayer. We have been preparing this for some time now. From words on a paper to giving life to a 2 hour concert -- it has been a long journey.

Members may not be aware that all the music for the concert is arranged in house -- which means we scrutinise what every singer sings and what every instrument plays, like Chenaniah who led the music in Israel (1 Chron 15:22). Like an architect who puts the blueprints for a building together, every part of the concert is scripted and written down. Then edited. And rewritten.

Then there's the rehearsal. Working with a large group of people and directing them is challenging, and we have to learn to work together as a team. When we make mistakes we repeat it together as a whole group, doing our best to get it right. More importantly, we work hard to get the words of the songs in -- into our hearts so that we understand and feel the truth of our songs. We need loving patience with each other, endurance to get the music right again and again, and joy for it all.

And throughout these weeks, GBC has not ceased to surprise me with stories of faith, commitment, encouragement, mutual support, intergenerational friendship and sacrificial giving. Ask me about these -- I'll be happy to share.

It has been very satisfying to hear the actual singing and enjoying the music - we hope the congregation will too!

Some have asked what the music for the concert will be like. Our answer is that it will be "blended worship" - both the hymns of old arranged for modern ear, like 'O Love that will not let me go' and 'All creatures of our God and King', and modern Christian songs by songwriters like Bill and Gloria Gaither who wrote 'The King is Coming', Corrine May's 'Five Loaves and Two Fishes', Casting Crowns' 'If we are the body' and Indelible Grace's 'On Jordan's Stormy Banks'.

There will be soloists, choral pieces, congregational singing, instrumental sections and reading from Scripture - something for everyone. Our hope is that in all these songs, we will point again and again to Jesus Christ.

Are you coming?