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Upcoming Project Timothy Big Picture Conference in August

1. What is Project Timothy and why is Grace Baptist Church partnering with this organisation?

Project Timothy (PT) seeks to increase bible literacy in Singapore with the aim of raising up a new generation of Christians and Christian leaders who have been transformed by the proclamation of God’s Word. This stems from PT’s conviction that God speaks to His people and works in them to make them more Christ-like when His Word is taught.

Grace Baptist Church (GBC) is glad to be able to provide the venue and host PT this August as we also believe that the proclamation of God’s Word is central to the life of a Disciple-making Church. God’s word preached and taught does the work of transforming his people to be more like Jesus – and that is the chief goal of disciple- making in our Church.

2. What is the Big Picture Conference and why is it a joy that GBC can host this conference?

The Big Picture Conference (BPC) aims to help all Christians understand the one storyline of the Bible from creation to new creation and having understood it, to apply it to our bible reading/preaching, Christian living and ministry and issues in our world.

GBC Elders and Pastors welcome the BPC as we believe it will help equip Christians in our church and also our friends from other churches to live and minister better with a strong biblical theology foundation.

3. Who is Michael Lawrence and what will the conference be about?

Michael Lawrence is senior pastor of Hinson Baptist Church, Portland, Oregon in the United States. Michael earned his PhD from Cambridge University in 2002, and served 8 years at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC as associate pastor. He has also written a book “Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church: A Guide for Ministry” in which he examines the practical importance of Biblical Theology for ministry. You can find out more about him from this interview here.  Or here.

This conference is from Wed 27 Aug to Sat 30 Aug and comprises of three segments of talks: the “Evening Talks”, the “Preachers Conference” and the “Big Picture in Life”. The “Evening Talks” comprises 4 talks on Christian Conversion and how it affects our lives. The “Preachers Conference” comprises 6 talks on Deuteronomy seeking to understand the Narrative and Law Genre, and the message of the book. Lastly, the “Big Picture in Life” comprises 3 talks on applying the Bible’s Big Picture to Discipling and Counselling, Vocation and Marriage. Further details on the talks can be found on PT’s website.

4. Who should attend this conference and why?

Christians who wonder what is next in their lives after their conversion should attend the “Evening Talks.” Christian Lay Leaders, Ministers and Small Group Leaders should attend the “Big Picture in Life” talks which will equip you for ministry. And for those with regular ministry in teaching/preaching God’s Word, you should consider attending the “Preachers Conference.”

5. What are your personal hopes for what the conference will do for GBC members who attend it?

I strongly believe that the Word should be central in GBC’s disciple-making efforts, for it is the Word that does the work. Therefore, as members we should strive to better understand the Bible and be better equipped to teach and proclaim it. It is my personal hope that this conference would continue to strengthen the desire for God’s Word in GBC, and that the members who attend the conference would be encouraged to make disciples with the Word as central to our efforts.

Please sign up with Project Timothy here. More details about the conference can also be found on the site. Early Bird registration ends on 6 Aug 2014.