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Upcoming Fire Drill (10 Dec 2023)

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(Note: This announcement has been updated on 5 Dec 2023.)

Dear GBC Worshipper,

A mandatory fire drill will be held after the English Congregation’s worship service on 10 December 2023. The official notice has been put up in church, and can also be found here

During the fire drill, all occupants in the building will have to evacuate and report to the assembly area, which is located at the open space between Church of St. Stephen and Mattar Station (Exit B). If you are in the building during this period, please keep calm and follow the instructions by the fire wardens. 

More instructions will be given on the day of the fire drill, but we would like to highlight two pieces of information.

  1. During the fire drill, vehicles parked on the church premises should not be driven off, i.e. worshippers are to retrieve their vehicles only after the fire drill.
  2. Parents whose children are in the nursery or Sunday School programme have been briefed by the teachers and helpers about the details of this evacuation. 

We appreciate your cooperation to make this a smooth and safe fire drill.

Thank you.