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The Tuesday Enquiry

 Opening our doors

A recent Christianity Today article suggested that evangelism approaches effective in the past may not be as effective today. Traditional approaches which shared the gospel and ended with an opportunity to convert immediately seemed to not be effective. Churches which evangelised like this seemed to have difficulty integrating new believers. It was found that the most effective and natural evangelism begins with inviting visitors into the church community, and from there, helping them believe the claims of Jesus. Churches with open doors best allow for visitors to explore the gospel.

Is this true also in Singapore? Our context suggests we may need to change the way we think about evangelism too. A 2015 General Household Survey report found that a growing number of young people in Singapore have no religious affiliation, from 17% in 2010 to 18.5% in 2015. Increasingly, secularism is on the rise and many have no understanding of religious words like “God” and “sin”. More will likely have more questions and even skepticism about Christianity and we need to be patient and informed in our evangelism. Are we willing to invite our visitors and their questions into our church? Where will they go in GBC to find out more about Jesus?

Welcome for a Tuesday Enquiry

With this in mind, the Tuesday Enquiry is a weekly evangelistic study that hopes to provide a consistent and open door for unbelievers to explore the Gospel at GBC. What is it about? The team has put together a short video introducing this new weekly study:  

Held every Tuesday nights from 730 to 930pm, this evangelistic class hopes that unbelievers will be able to experience hospitality and community.

It will provide a safe space where skeptics and doubters can “try” out Bible studies and ask their questions about the faith. These sessions are open to anyone who is interested, regardless of age or religious orientation. Christians with questions and doubts, and non-Christians who are just curious are warmly welcome!

Our hope is that GBC members will consider bringing their friends and coming with them for the sessions to make them feel welcome, and introduce them to the church in the process.

What to expect

Beginning every Tuesday from 6 Feb, each session will consist of a time of singing, study, time for interaction in the form of group discussions, and time for conversation. This way, our non-Christian friends can not only ask their questions, but also see how Christians interact and live together in community.Tuesday Enquiry poster

In the sessions, we will study the Bible, and explore apologetics to give a reason for our hope. The topics we will cover include:

  1. Questions about God’s character and hell, the problem of suffering and evil, and the right to determine rules for life
  2. Questions about the truth of the Bible, Jesus as the only way, and the hypocrisy of Christians using Tim Keller’s DVD series.
  3. Bible studies on who is God, what is man, who is Jesus, and how do we respond to Him?
  4. Bible studies on Jesus’ encounters with truth-seekers, “party people”, the ashamed and the suffering.

If you have a friend that you’d like to bring along, do ask God to make the invitation possible. We’d love to get started on 6 Feb and meet you all. If you have more questions, do contact Jonathan Tan.